CTE Medical

CTE Medical

Medical Assisting Administrative 

This course prepares students for entry-level employment in the medical field as a clerical assistant to a physician, to work in a medical facility, billing service, or the potential of starting their own billing service. The course covers preparation of claims for reimbursement, electronic and manual claim submission for various types of health insurance. The students will learn secretarial tasks such as typing letters and filing. In addition to the Medical Assisting Administrative, you will obtain clinical skills for medical assisting.


Medical Assisting Clinical

This course prepares students for employment as a medical assistant to a health care provider in an office, clinic, or health care center. Topics include communication skills, ethics and confidentiality, anatomy, vital signs, assisting with exams, pharmacology and administration of medications including injections, venipuncture, medical terminology, metrics, EKG, and proper medical documentation. These courses are completed in a year or 2 semester per year.



Allied Health

This course is designed to prepare students for entry-level employment in the hospital and/ or community setting.  Emphasis is placed on those skills required of a health care worker in various departments of an acute care hospital setting or specific health care facility. Students receive CPR training and certification. Students will obtain basis medical terminology. Students who complete this course with a grade of “B” or better will receive 2 units of articulated credit with Moreno Valley College upon application. This is a semester course that will provide you with an understanding of the medical field requirements and careers available in this field.


Body Systems and Disorders

This course focuses on human anatomy and physiology, normal function of body systems, associated pathologies, and medical interventions. Emphasis is on providing students with a thorough understanding of body systems and their interrelationships. The course includes medical terminology as applied to diseases, disorders and medical interventions. This course qualified for UC a-g credit in the “g” category. This course is a semester course that will provide you with knowledge that you can use to advance your medical career.