Game Design

RUSD-USC GameJam 2018 at Riot Games

Do you like to play games?                                     

Do you want to learn how to make games?

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Join the Game Design Pathway!

The Game Design CTE Pathway is a 3-year pathway that teaches students how to design, program, and produce both tabletop games and video games.

The introductory course is Game Design Principles where students will play and analyze tabletop games to learn the vocabulary and fundamentals of game design, and will create their own original tabletop games throughout the course. Students will also learn simple 3D modeling using Unity and basic programming using Scratch. (articulated with GAM-22 Game Design Principles from Norco College)

The concentrator course is Digital Game Design. Students will learn to create digital games using Unity and the C# programming language. Students will work in small groups to create original digital games using agile project management practices and will be eligible for the Unity Certified Developer Exam at the end of the school year. (articulated with GAM-50 Introduction to Game Programming from Norco College)

The capstone course is Video Game Development. Students will learn the various career paths into the games industry including art, audio, marketing, and production. Students will study the history and societal impacts of the games medium and how those lessons can be applied to the modern day. Students will apply for internships and volunteer positions at conferences to become active participants in the industry. Students will work in teams to create and publish an original digital game using Unity. (planned articulation with GAM-35 Introduction to Simulation and Game Development from Norco College)

These courses are offered through RVS and Arlington High School. For more information, contact Mr. Jeffries at or 951-276-7670 x69209.