EOC offers Spanish classes from beginner to intermediate levels. Students work at their own pace and receive personalized assistance. The curriculum is available online.

Spanish is the second largest language in the United States with close to 37 million speakers…

  • If you are interested in…
    • Being competitive in the job market
    • Meeting College admission requirements
    • Improving your Spanish, and having friends from different cultures
    • Earning college credit
    • Or have any other reasons to do it

Then Spanish is for you!

Spanish 1. In this beginner course, students learn how to introduce themselves, talk on the telephone, tell time, in addition to beginning writing, speaking and reading.

Spanish 2. In this course, students expand skills acquired in Sp. 1 while exploring cultural and historical events of Spanish-speaking countries. Students also learn how to research and present information of Hispanic celebrations and contemporary events of Spanish-speaking countries.

Spanish 3. In this intermediate course students enrich vocabulary, learn advanced grammar, and write brief essays. Through selected readings, students further their understanding of the history, art, customs, and geography of Spanish-speaking countries.

Honors Spanish 3. This course covers the materials of Sp. 3 in addition to analysis of selected readings of poetry and short stories.

AP Spanish in Language and Culture. This course starts on fall 2018.

Each course has 2 semesters and you receive 5 credits for each one.

For more information, contact Ms. Talamantes in Room 703 951-276-7670 x 69411.