Aeries Computer

Hello Educational Options Center (EOC) Parents and Students!


As the school year comes to a close we wanted to provide you with some important dates and information about the new school year. (Please note: RUSD will start the school on August 12th, this year)


Good news! EOC transitioned to an online student data confirmation process last year. All you will need to do is log in to your Aeries Parent Portal and enter or confirm your child’s information, including changing contact information. You can complete the required documents for school re-registration. through your online parent account.


Please note: all students who are 18+ years old will not be able to log in to the parent portal and will need to register using handwritten forms.


IMPORTANT: The reason for this letter is to encourage parents to set up a Aeries Parent Portal account now if you have not already done so. If you registered using this online process last year, then please log in to ensure that you can access your account. If you don’t remember your password, please open up the Parent Portal and click “Forgot Password”.


In order to set up a new account you will need four pieces of information about your student:

  1. Student ID: XXXXXX
  2. Main telephone number (in the case of two households this is the MAIN number we have in AERIES, so please use this number or the parent portal will not be able to be created): (XXX) XXX-XXXX
  3. Parent’s personal email account
  4. Your child’s personal Verification Code: XXXXXXXXXXX


Parent-Student Portal:

To assist in answering your questions, please go to:


All students must register prior to attending school. Parents and students (under 18) are required to attend registration dates listed below and provide proof of residency


Returning Students to any EOC school......................……………...Tuesday, July 30th and Wednesday, July 31st

New Students to any EOC school or 18+ years old …………………………..Friday, August 2nd


  • On Registration Day you and your child will need to have already confirmed the student data in our AERIES computer system and will need to have printed  copies of the pages that require signatures.


Hopefully this letter contains useful information for you and assists you in planning for summer registration. Please contact us at (951) 276-7670 x69227, if you have any questions.