EOC's Teacher of the Year

EOC's Teacher of the Year
Teacher of the Year Monica Bullock

Monica has been a special education teacher for almost 15 years and has been at EOC for three years. She has always been committed to students with special needs, specifically those students identified with behavioral challenges. She embraced a new challenge when she joined EOC and accepted a position teaching students with social emotional disabilities, learning disabilities, and who have also been expelled from their comprehensive school.

Lifelong learning is a passion for Monica; she strives to learn every new strategy or skill that she would be able to give back to her students. She is devoted to providing an accessible, appropriate education to her students while ensuring that their well-being is addressed though social skills lessons, daily community building circles, and reinforcement strategies. She has worked with colleagues on her own to develop curriculum and grade sheets for Achieve 300, the new math curriculum, and the new math intervention program, as well as other courses that the students need. Monica goes above and beyond in her daily work and has volunteered for many leadership roles such as being a member of the site Leadership Team, being the liaison to EOC regarding Danielson (which includes training other teachers), and she is on various district committees representing special education and EOC.

Monica was acknowledged today, in her classroom, with a card and gift card to Red Robin! Her students and her assistants were beaming with pride!

Please feel free to congratulate Monica when you get a chance!

Thank you Monica!