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Dear Families,

At this time, the Riverside Virtual School Program housed at the Educational Options Center is expanding and changing due to the desire to provide all students in Riverside USD a virtual option. Please contact your school of residence to discuss the District's Virtual Program. If you live out of the District, please contact Pupil Services at (951) 352-1200 to obtain information about a transfer into Riverside USD.

Thank you,

Mr. Deets, Director

Ms. Reid, Assistant Principal

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What is Riverside Virtual School?...

STOP! Are you concerned that if your child attends school at Riverside Virtual School, all of their work will be completed online at home?

Don’t fret! We are much, much more than our name implies. Read more to learn about Riverside Unified School District’s hidden gem!

Does your child struggle being at a large comprehensive middle or high school? Does your child struggle with anxiety or other social-emotional concerns? Does your child excel in a sport, an instrument or other activity that requires them to be away from school often? Does your child need more flexibility with his school work? Maybe focus on 2-3 courses at a time instead of all 6? Does s/he need to move quickly through some subjects, but takes more time with other subjects?

Again, don’t fret! We might be the answer that you’ve been looking for!

Riverside Virtual School (RVS), grades 7th-12th, offers the highest level of individualized attention and is approved by the University of California and the NCAA as an online course provider. RVS was recently named a California Distinguished School!  RVS is a public school, within the Riverside Unified School District. Yes! It’s a free, public school! Not a charter! Not a private school! RVS offers high-quality, interactive online classes for students. Innovative leadership and planning allows RVS to offer increased access to online learning resources in non-traditional face-to-face classrooms.

It is the RVS mission to provide a rigorous, college-preparatory online school program that meets the needs of 21st century learners; preparing graduates for successful careers in a competitive global marketplace. This includes opportunities for accelerated learning, Advanced Placement courses, and credit recovery. We are open and available to your child from 7AM-4:00 PM, five days a week! Students do not need to work from home all week! Students will attend weekly 1:1 Advisory Teacher (AT) meetings with their assigned AT, seminars, open labs, field trips, and more! We compare ourselves to a “mini-college.” High school students have the opportunity to enroll in one of our CTE Pathways: International Business, Medical and Health, and Early Childhood. Middle school students enroll in AVID and computer science. Other high school electives include various Visual Arts classes, Spanish, AVID, PE, and many edynamics online electives, such as Forensic Science and Photography!

RVS offers many opportunities and supports for students. We have two school counselors, a school psychologist, and a Student Assistance Plan (SAP) Counselor who works with students facing with social-emotional challenges. We also offer clubs and activities!

What about students in grades K-6? RVS has an elementary program available for students in grades 1-6th. The elementary program looks very different than the secondary. The elementary program is very similar to a homeschooling program; although, the parent doesn’t have to register as their own school and won’t have to develop and learn their own curriculum! Elementary students and parents attend a weekly meeting with the teacher to review the work that is being turned in, distribute materials, and assign new work for the next week. Students will also have access to PE, reading intervention, and more!

Riverside Virtual School is currently enrolling students into our school.

Who can enroll?         Any current RUSD student as well as students who are currently homeschooled and/or students that qualify for an inter-district transfers from Riverside, Imperial, Orange, San Diego, and San Bernardino counties who are seeking a school that’s different than a traditional, comprehensive school!

How do I enroll?         Current RUSD students should ask their counselor to submit an application to EOC and note that you are seeking enrollment in RVS. You will then be scheduled to take the NWEA MAP test. We will review the your child’s scores, grades, and talk to both of you to determine if RVS is the right place for your child!

What if I have more questions? Please click the link for Frequently Asked Questions and/or submit your question through: EOC Contact Us We will be in contact with you as soon as we can!