Principal's Message

Welcome to the Educational Options Center (EOC) where we strive to create a dynamic learning experience that will cultivate a strong sense of character, allow students to discover new perspectives, and inspire them to become informed global citizens.   EOC’s vision is to provide every student with the knowledge and skills necessary to be prepared for the 21st Century. 

EOC is a highly diverse learning environment housing three schools: the Riverside Virtual School, Raincross High School, and Summit View School, two programs: the COPE/Opportunity program and the High-Tech High-Touch program.  A State Preschool and a Riverside County Comeback Kids program are also located at EOC.  Students from grades 1-12 are provided a wide range of personalized learning opportunities.  Our schools and programs include one-to-one teaching and small group instruction.  Students work at their own pace, in some cases accelerating and doing advanced academic work, in other cases, making up credits or getting extra academic support where needed.  We believe that every student should get the very best possible education for their unique academic goals and post-graduation plans.
The EOC staff focuses on building hope, well-being, and engagement with all students as they master academic content areas, critical thinking skills, and social responsibility.  All schools and programs exemplify RUSD’s commitment to student-centered learning and the development of world ready skills. 
We invite you to work collaboratively with us as we share our love for learning and support our students’ growth and education.
Dennis Deets, Director