AVID started at the Educational Options Center (EOC) during the 2012-13 school year. We currently have a school wide Middle School AVID program and an application process for our 9th - 12th graders. We try to attend the UCLA Football Game every Fall and have one or two other field trips to local colleges that we visit by taking the MetroLink. We have college tutors and peer tutors that help out in tutorials. The AVID curriculum is delivered online and the tutorials are face to face. Students are required to attend two tutorials per week to take Focused Notes in their academic courses and to stay in pace in their AVID elective course. Throughout the year the students participate in Socratic Seminars and we have Guest Speakers come and speak about their careers. We also participate in activities with the Head Start Preschool located on the EOC campus.

The AVID program at EOC is unique because we are the first school to offer the AVID program in a personalized, blended learning environment.